This site was made to highlight a pretty wide security problem: people don't put passwords on internet connected devices. This site was not made with the goal of invading privacy (see Q&A) but with the goal of shining the light on a big security problem that needs to be addressed.


Thanks to turbo for their amazing list of open IP cams

Thanks to Fabrizio Bianchi for his amazing loading animation.

Background image ripped and modified from here.


Q: Can I add cams to this list?

A: I plan on adding an page for adding links, but in the meantime you can hit me up on my GitHub with the link and I'll get it added.

Q: Where did you get the links to the cams from?

A: This site uses a modified version of the "c4" camera list by GitHub user turbo.

Q: Where can I find the source code for this site?

A: The source code can be found on my GitHub.

Q: Is this even legal / Is this hacking?

A: All cameras listed on this site are completely open and have no password set on them. Connecting to these cameras is no different from connecting to any other website. The majority of cameras listed on this site and others are not invading people's privacy. If you do see a camera that invades someone's privacy please report it.

Q: Couldn't people use this site for hacking?

A: People with bad intentions are going to use far more advanced methods than this site for malicious purposes. They could use the security research site shodan.io or more likely develop their own tools to more properly meet their needs.

Q: Is my camera listed on this site?

A: There is currently no automated way to check but you can submit an issue on GitHub with the relevant details and I'll get back to you asap.

Q: How can I remove my camera from this site?

A: Simply submit an issue on GitHub with the relevant details and I'll do my best to remove it from the site. Although this will not stop others from connecting to it. To do that please set a password on your camera. For instructions see your camera manufacturers manual.

Q: I see a camera that shows a vulnerable person or is invading someone's privacy, what can I do?

A: If you see a camera that is invading someone's privacy please report it by submitting an issue on GitHub. The purpose of this site is not to invade anyone's privacy. Unfortunately, people simply don't take the proper measures to ensure their cameras are secure.

Q: How accurate is the location on the map?

A: The location comes from where the IP address of the camera is assigned to. This is only accurate down to a few miles or so. It is impossible to find exact locations from these cameras. This site uses "extreme ip lookup" to get locations on the client side.

Q: What's the best way I can contact you?

A: You can contact me on my GitHub and we can figure out the best method for communication from there. If private communication is required my PGP public key can be found on my Keybase account or in this text file.

tl;dr: submit an issue on my github :P